What is Reboot!?

Accelerated diagnosis of what’s going on using plain language that is transformed into a real game plan, elected with accountabilities and united commitment to action – in 1 day!

One day to change the course of your team or group, to stop, review and commit to action.

One day immersion of your team or large group to create fast alignment between people. Use a common language to understand where you are and what needs to be done. A way to bypass lengthy brainstorming sessions. A Game Plan at the end of the day, with clear accountabilities and ways of tracking progress. All in one day!

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How does it work?

  1. You start with a set of 12 diagnostic cards, plain language, no MBA jargon. Everybody participates in the diagnosis. Collectively you agree to the key points: the truth!
  2. Then project yourselves into the future and agree on what you want to see and hear.
  3. End with a Game Plan directly created form the diagnostic cards. Agree on accountabilities and tracking.

Expertly facilitated by a Certified Associate, it is designed in a constructive non-threatening but serious way so that as well as enjoying it enormously, you work hard and achieve concrete plans.

Have fun. Warning: you can’t hide form your commitments. It’s all in the air, in the room – there is no turning back!

When should I Reboot!?

  • The team is stuck, or there is a need to check progress.
  • There is a strategy in place but it feels like you need better alignment with your people.
  • Your planned off-site or away-day needs a structure. You need to build the team, but you don’t want a classic trivial, all games ‘team building’.
  • You need to re-energize, to inject some new thinking, to push yourself and the team to its next possibilities.
  • All of the above?

The Accelerators

The suite of Accelerators designed by Leandro Herrero at The Chalfont Project have been created with the business needs in mind, in a fast moving environment. Tried and tested with his clients, they compress diagnosis and plans, create a common language and inject incredibly fast alignment in teams and large groups.

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Get Certified

Experienced HR/OD/L&D professionals, business leaders and organizational facilitators can qualify to obtain a Certified Associate status for one or more Accelerators.

The process of Certification starts with an application form and then a Skype interview. An intense full day is spent with Leandro Herrero or a senior member of his Organisational Architects to ensure effective knowledge transfer and training on materials and processes of the Accelerator. We run public Certification sessions with restricted numbers of attendees several times a year.

For in-house Certification, this is usually run in your premises and requires a minimum of professionals to be Certified at once. Please get in touch to discuss this in detail.

The Certification allows the professional to run the Accelerator(s) chosen. Annual licence fees apply but there are no restrictions on the number of times the Accelerator can be run under this licence by the Certified Associate.

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What are people saying?

It (Reboot!) has so many powerful applications, especially with top teams who are looking at diagnosing their market position or setting their vision and strategy. It also comes into its own when considering how to operationalise all the good thinking from the top team.

The Accelerators by the Chalfont Project are dynamic, highly effective interventions that help clients get to the heart of their issues as well as challenging the existing wisdom that all too often hinders progressive, innovative thinking.

The accreditation process was most enlightening, because the process permitted us to not only explore the rigour and theory, but also test the practical application of the tools.

Leandro always comes up with a pearl or two of wisdom and the 'broken windows', ‘heroes' and 'sacred cows’ elements of Reboot! are wonderful conduits for confronting the enablers and blockers that exist, but often lie undetected, in a business.

I will use Reboot in my facilitation of top teams and I am sure that not only will it prove a powerful intervention tool, but the labels such as ‘broken windows' will go into the language of my clients; just as ‘world 2’ and ‘Yellow people’ have from the Viral Change model.

...around the action planning aspect of Reboot! This wrap up piece forces ownership and accountability within a team and means that the session does not just end in pretty flip charts on a wall but leads to direct, focused actions on the things that matter most to the business.

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