You, your team, your function is stuck. Perhaps not a lot wrong but perhaps not optimum performance either. You want to create some energy and move on in better shape. It’s time to Reboot!

You are not stuck, but need to align further a function, a management team, perhaps a new leadership team. And you need a vehicle to do so, different from the traditional presentation-workshop. Reboot! will do this for you!

You have plans for a forthcoming or regular offsite but want to inject some serious challenge and innovation, do it differently, have fun but also achieve tangible outcomes and commitments. Reboot! will surprise you through it’s methods and visible outcomes.

You need to inject some openness and transparency, put cards on the table and align ‘everybody on the same page’. But you need a format that, whilst calling for a ‘time out, is non-threatening and does not produce direct confrontation. You need a safe platform. Reboot! is this safe but challenging platform.

You have plans, a Business plan, a Strategic plan, a Divisional plan… but they are contained in a myriad of PowerPoint presentations and a similar number of ‘Strategy Documents’. The plans are solid but you want to test them using simple language with your team. For example, the plan is the plan, but are there ‘elephants in the room’ that the plan does not talk about? Reboot! will sort this out for you in one day.

You are progressing well in the implementation of your strategy but you need to check for stumbling blocks and enablers to ensure the progression will continue at a pace. You need a reality check via a neutral, novel and powerful vehicle. Reboot! will do this for you.

There may be other situations, perhaps combinations of the above. Get in touch any time to discuss your possibilities.