Reboot! takes you through a process of discovery and identification of both stumbling blocks and enablers of your team/division/group’s performance,  or the organization in general, which is followed by a clear ‘so-what’ analysis and a concrete action plan.


You may have to do a bit of preparation, but not much. Our Certified Associate will discuss with you whether this is something that needs to be done before the day. In most cases, when time pressure is a real issue, and you don’t have the luxury of putting many days aside,  Reboot! can be put in place with all happening in the room during the day.


Reboot! uses 12 diagnostic cards to uncover enablers and blockers in the organisation that may be the stumbling blocks of strategy or operations or both. Using plain language, (no MBA jargon), these pieces of diagnosis appeal directly to the knowledge you have about your team and your organization. These cards will prompt you, for example, to look for the ‘elephants in the room’ and the ‘sacred cows’, these things around you that seem untouchable and perhaps are stumbling blocks. You’ll also look for your ‘heroes’ and you’ll have to create your Hall of Fame of Mistakes. There are others. These are examples.

Once all the pieces of diagnosis are out in the open, the group will project itself to an agreed future (a few months, a year, a few years ahead…).

The group is then asked to create a Game Plan that follows the format of the diagnosis (so, for example, the elephants will have to be hunted…and there will be specific steps, timeframe and of course hunters with names and surnames).

This final Game Plan is an actionable roadmap. Sharp, simple, memorable …and trackable.  Often with immediate visible outcomes it can sew seeds of new behaviours and attitudes that can become infectious.


Not only that Plan but a shared understanding, a common sense of purpose and a commitment to action. Teams are consolidated and aligned without calling the exercise Team Building.  Strategy is clear and actions in place without calling it a Strategy Session.  Finally a true injection of management innovation without calling it an Innovation Day…


Your Certified Associate who is facilitating the session will discuss with you if you need any help in the follow up, in the implementation of the strategy or the tracking and measuring of success. You may not need this. If you do, the Certified Facilitator will discuss options.