Experienced HR/OD/L&D professionals, business leaders and organizational facilitators can qualify to obtain a Certified Associate status for one or more Accelerators.

The process of Certification starts with an application form with a description of your professional experience and interests followed by an interview with a senior consultant at The Chalfont Project. Then, a full day training on materials and processes is required. We run public Certification sessions several times a year.

For in-house Certification, this is usually run in your premises and requires a minimum of professionals to be Certified at once. Please get in touch to discuss this in detail.

The Certification licenses the named Certified Associate to run the Accelerator(s) chosen. An annual license fee applies.

A Certification is for you if you are an innovative practitioner who wants to use impactful, proven methods and tools to accelerate a range of organizational solutions to issues such as behavioral change, innovation, leadership or team cohesiveness and alignment. The suite of interventions intends to provide faster, successful business outcomes in a less traditional way.

Your colleagues on the Certified Associated Programme will be:

  • Individuals who are responsible for leading and implementing cultural change, leadership development, team alignment, group coaching and innovation programmes in their employers organizations.
  • Member(s) of consulting firms who lead and deliver high profile, business critical business and cultural transformation projects for their clients.
  • Individual practitioners who provide business outcomes for their clients by ‘thinking outside of the box’.

Please contact us for further information, including registration details and professional fees.