Accelerators have been designed by Leandro Herrero who heads The Chalfont Project and Viral Change LLP and are part of his body of work with his clients since 2000.

Leandro Herrero is also the author of several management books and an international speaker.  For more information see his personal website  and read his Daily Thoughts  (subscriptions can be received daily by email).

The Chalfont Project is a firm of Organizational Architects. Our goal is to build Remarkable Organizations. We love to build extra-ordinary places of work, with highly engaged people who have a strong sense of purpose which drives exceptional business results. We are passionate about creating the right behavioural DNA and spreading it across the entire organisation so that small changes make a big difference and in a way that is not only scalable but also sustainable. We work with organisations of all sizes, across many countries and in all industries. Our clients are innovative market leaders who attract and grow exceptional people; they thrive on change. In short, they are Remarkable Organisations.

Viral Change™ LLP is the host of several Viral Change companies with specific expertise in creating large scale behavioural and cultural change. This is done through the power of behaviours (behavioural sciences is our background), orchestrating peer-to-peer influence and creating a bottom-up, grassroots movement of change.  For more information on Viral Change™  see and the Viral Change™ TV Channel. Many organizations, form pharmaceuticals to finance, oil and gas, transport, telecommunications and the Public Sector have already benefitted from Viral Change™